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Also, your lavender body butter soothes sunburn!!!!!!!
You have to get in a facility soon so you can offer it year round!!!!! <3<3
I've used my last container very slowly........(:

Kendra B

The body butter feels like elegance on my skin and the candle gives off an amazing scent. I highly recommend these products.

Zerita C

I really love ❤️ these candles. My favorites are in order, "Iced Vanilla Woods, Apple Cinnamon, and Midsummer Nights. Thank You Ladies.


I wanted to tell you all that I am enjoying black amber and plum so much! It has a wonderful masculine yet feminine scent to it. The candle is small but very powerful without being overbearing. It is simply a lovely candle! I look forward to burning other scents of yours.

Natalie S.

The Hot Apple Pie is hands down the BEST smelling candle that I have purchased in along. You can smell the one candle throughout our entire home. QI will be stocking up!

Angela Theis

I was graciously gifted with the Sweater Weather candle, and I couldn't be more in love with it! It burns very clean and even and the scent is warm and comforting.


I've been enjoying these candles for a while now and I really enjoy the quality fragrance that they give me even without lighting them very good products 👍👍


We thank you for your business!!

Sister Scents MI

I have searched for quite some time to find a soap to use that doesn't dry out my skin. The Sandalwood soap not only satisfied, but it smells amazing! I'm not usually easily impressed, but these products have won me over!

Deacon Herbert Willis

I order these candles and I was very satisfied with the shipment time. The product is very good, I love the one candle scent that I have burned. I will reorder again.

Avolon V. Owens

The candle's presentation (Tis the Season) was great. We really enjoyed the scent before heating. After heating was extraordinary. The fragrance surprised us with warmth and inviting smell. Fantastic! God bless

Pastor Dennis F.

Where do I start!!! The Cherry Wine candle is my fav!!! A bigger candle in this scent is needed, and a body butter (hint, hint)!!!

The cherry Almond bath bar smells amazing!!! Gets you squeaky clean and lasts three weeks!

The body scrub feels amazing on my skin and helps to moisturize my skin!

The coconut body cream is a fav!!! Goes on easy and smells great.

Jameeka B

I love the soap and body soak ,it makes your body feel so refreshed . The candles smell so good! Ladies job well done! I received it as a gift and glad I did

Wanda Mcquerry

I have one burning now. Apple cinnamon. Courtney says it makes her hungry for apple cider and doughnuts.

Denise E-R

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